Tru de Iars
In Our Breast
Final Credits
U ar uí ?       Uere ar uí came frome ?       Uere de fac ar uí goín ?

We were to a bitooth (of those of Vilar de Perdizes) and it traced our future. It said that we are destined to go prá hollow! Great Bidente (Bidente, because it only had 2 dentes!)... still if was to go prá Coina...the staff still was all livened up... now prá hollow... ok, all good, for 25 euros also if could not wait very!

For saying in this... who he was to carNBcG (caramel, the minds most perverse had only thought noutras things) that € had the ideia to give 25 to go to the witch? 25 euros still give for, however 1, 2, 3.... praí 30 fine ones.

But we come back to our destination, the truth is that when we knew which age, never more we were the same ones. Already back in Vilar, of so abananados (it wants to say that we were with much "banana") that we were, sees there what happened! We changed the pig for partridges and as consequência never more we could appear there (to put the feet... and the banana).

Until it seems that after in seeing them (eheheh) even so... they.mudaram the name of that land for Vilar... of Partridge Bones!

Then, more remade of the scare, we decide to assume our destination (it has others that assumes other things... but one pindéricu is one pindéricu) e to accept Coina, pardon... the hollow!

He is (e)bidente that we go to die, but while this day does not arrive, the beer, the pig and gajas that they are taken care of... because despite the destination being already traced (dull bitooth), we have the certainty that with this true pindérica chain that we are to establish (not to confuse with sinking) we go to give voice and to immortalize all pindéricus of the country! E who knows of the Europe... and who knows of the world... It is joined the P. I. P. (Pindéricus Uninterruptedly in the Organized Power) and will make of itself a winner! We have said!