Tru de Iars
In Our Breast
Final Credits
U ar uí ?       Uere ar uí came frome ?       Uere de fac ar uí goín ?

The world never more was the same when in 1972 they had appeared officially the Pindéricus, after in 1971 having paraded in the streets of Ovar. As infantile group the "Putodéricus" had paraded two years.
The putos had grown and in 1974 and already as group senior, after contactados for the captains of April the Pindéricus pig in exchange for baked and wine had participated in the Revolution of the Cravos tinto in the height thinking to be about a carnival departure. It gave in that it gave and in 1975 it did not have carnival.
Being a group of the way of the table, therefore it has that to give hypotheses to the others to earn, the Pindéricus had paraded to the long one of the years, until in 1979, if it gives the first black moment of the history of the Pindéricus.
Internal problems had taken the one that had split (it is different of circuncisão) in the group with some elements to turn into a desert and to form the Not Necessary one (from there the name). This only originated that the 1980 mockup was not ready the time, having left in the Tuesday.
Eleven years later it is given as black moment of the history of the group, in 1991 George Bush father, former-element of the group, saneado in the previous year, decides to avenge itself and commands the start of the Gulf War. This is the history that the humanity never knew and comes to unmask of a time for all the true reason of the Gulf War, therefore in this year our mockup was necessarily on war. The commission did not find much joke in having two wars in the world and to few days of the carnival we had that to invent a new mockup. Consequência: the last place and declassification. In the following year it was also an important landmark in the history of the group, as we were a little chateados with what in 5º had happened them in the previous year decides to pull out one place, the best classification until then. They imagine if we had been very chateados.
In 2000, the third black year of the history of the group. Machibombo of the Beleleu was perhaps the biggest black moment of all the carnivals of the world and perhaps of the Europe, us we would say even though of Portugal.
In 2004 e after terms blown up with the foreseen budget (rare thing between us) we had our point of viragem in the group, we decide to bet in the parade. The idea occasioned such effect that from and in the 4 following years we were there always in the 6 first ones, obtaining in 2007 (3º) and in 2008 (3º) to better beat to ours classification until there.
At this moment we have about 40 elements (still it did not have the sanitations) and continue with the same energy, good disposal and joy of always.