Tru de Iars
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U ar uí ?       Uere ar uí came frome ?       Uere de fac ar uí goín ?


Pindéricus comes of the Latin Pindericum that means deglutinadores of beer and baked pig.

The register oldest where if it can find the Pindericum is in the health-resorts of the Lamarão, in the door of the sanita n.º 2. The first photo of that it has memory was taken off in the station in the distant year of 71 (he does not appear the 19 to seem older). Old registrations in S. Miguel, the garage of the Golden one and the Ribeira can also be found alone to cite some.

Unhappyly the greaters, better and most conserved registrations that make reference to reference the Pindéricus met in the old installations of the F. Ramada. With the demolition thus one of the former-pólios greaters of the Pindericum civilization is lost. Despite our efforts raising these engravings to the condition of world-wide património, UNESCO did not take the serious o our phone call to the two of the morning in a moonlight night.

Currently vestiges of the civilization pindecum can be found in the old installations of the EDP.