Tru de Iars
In Our Breast
Final Credits

Already we were of everything a little, we are born as "putos", we married, we enviuvámos, already we had multiple professions, we were musicians, photographers, woodcutters, policies, trolhas, magicians, massagistas, taberneiros, already we mounted a circus, a farm, already we kept the queen, we apanhámos thieves and prisoners, we dress the skin of the snow white, of the dwarves of the white of snow and dwarves (a)normais, sledge hammers, Vasco Santana, man of Snows, Corcunda de Notre Dame, of Asterix, Obelix and Romanix, of Vasco of Gamma and sailors, we had calhambeques, we were marionetas, blue birds, we practised good e bad shares, we were Africa, India and until already we were to the space! we came back to that we had started, as putos but in this case as exerminadores of Spiders and were until disfarçados girls of claque of monge. How desecration! It sees the sequência of photos and... it amuses you.