2010 - We go pô it of Foot

Ideia base: Hugo Oliveira/Pindéricus 1991

The declassification of 91 was crossed has much time, was general idea that one day we levariamos the Pindéricus constructions another time. However as the civil construction it evolved we had that to have work still more, in full crisis of the real estate one contruímos one marries in minute and way, a typical house of Ovar praised for all. The musculados constructors had taken the women to madness with its strip and not even bronze to trolha lacked. In one of the carnivals with better quality of the last years we finished for being in 7º, on this side of the waited one for the critical generality.




José António Lopes, João Oliveira, António Costa, Rui Oliveira, Ricardo Neves, Filipe Brito, Luís César, Sofia Salgueiro, José Matos, Pascoal Sá, Armando Pinho, Álvaro Rodrigues, Helder Gonçalves, Vítor Pinho, Emanuel Pinho, Accacio Machado, João Rey, Luís Dias, Hugo Oliveira, Nuno Pinto, Tiago Andrade, Filipe Gonçalves, Carlos Torres, Vasco Costa, Rui Oliveira Jr., Rodolfo Torres, Gabriel Alegre, Ricardo Soares, Manuel Leite, Carlos Soares, Inês Salgueiro, Pedro Mendes, José Santos, António "Chester" e Rene Silva.