2007 - It incases here that I leave >

Ideia base: Luís César

The ideia one was old but innovative. Each one being an one part puzzle and to incase of form to make a boat was a mockup that needed much coordination and severity in the parade. After two years with increase of quality and severity in the parade, we were finally ready. We win bad luck of the car if to have left in the Sunday and after to be fixed was the generator that conked, parades in last, but nothing nor nobody in it stopped them, we have fun ourselves and we made to amuse and oa applauses of the assistance made to forget us the misfortunes. In the year of the best mockup of always 4º place, better place of always, in the general opinion is little.




José António Lopes, João Oliveira, António Costa, Rui Oliveira, António Silva, Ricardo Neves, Filipe Brito, Luís César Silva, Sofia Salgueiro, José Matos, Rui Ferreira, Bruno Oliveira, José Macedo, Pascoal Sá, António Carlos Marques, Armando Pinho, Álvaro Rodrigues, Helder Gonçalves, João Costa, Vítor Pinho, Emanuel Pinho, Gilberto Gomes, Ruben Alcino, Álvaro Praça, António Sona, Accacio Machado, João Rey, Luís Dias, Hugo Oliveira, Conceição Lopes, Nuno Pinto, Fábio Pinho, Tiago Andrade, Filipe Gonçalves, Sérgio Gomes, Carlos Torres e Inês Salgueiro