2006 - Pindéricus of Band

Ideia base: David Soares/Zé António

After many meetings and quarrels the great ideia appeared. "Because it is that we do not go to touch in instruments ones of the others" somebody said. In the beginning it had some looks of mourning and consternation. After explained the mockup better it was acceptance with bigger opening. We made envy to fanfarra of the firemen, the new music and the old music that until 15h of sunday in pressured them so that we did not leave. But we are very strong mentally and we do not yield to such pressure. E the band touched! It was to see trompetes, the boxes, tubas, saxofones, the plates and the bombos to bombar, without clearly forgetting ours majoretes and the teacher and the guideline, We receive invitations all the 4 cantos from Portugal to go to touch the parties, but unhappyly we do not have time. 6º place was music for our ears.





Tomás Granja, José António Lopes, João Oliveira, António Costa, Rui Oliveira, António Silva, Ricardo Neves, Filipe Brito, Manuel Leite, Luís César Silva, José Matos, Rui Ferreira, Bruno Oliveira, José Macedo, Fernando Ribeiro, Pascoal Sá, António Carlos Marques, Armando Pinho, Fernando Amaral, Álvaro Rodrigues, Helder Gonçalves, João Costa, Vítor Pinho, Emanuel Pinho, Gilberto Gomes, Ruben Alcino, Álvaro Praça, António Sona, David Soares, João Salgueiro, Accácio Machado, João Rey, Luís Dias, Hugo Oliveira, Zé Carlos, Conceição Lopes, Rita Ribeiro e Rita Araújo