2001 - 2001 Odyssey in the space

Ideia base: Ricardo Neves

This year we were contactados by NASA for a mission of high risk in the space. We were Mars but as the Martians did not have beer came even so.
Exactly in top da hour we obtain there to participate no parade with vehicles already with thousand of kms nas legs.
Perhaps for this reason the vehicles had not functioned in cortejo.
As our mockup place was of another planet the MARTErizou jury us with 11º.


Tomás Granja, José António Lopes, João Oliveira, António Costa, Abel Martins, Rui Oliveira, António Silva, José Bruno Ferreira, Ricardo Neves, Manuel Barros, Filipe Brito, Manuel Leite, Carlos Pinho, Noé Oliveira, João Santos, Sofia Salgueiro, José Matos, Bruno Oliveira, Carlos Soares, João Tavares, José Macedo, Manuel Silva, Fernando Ribeiro, Pascoal Sá, Rui Ferreira, Rui Samuel Oliveira, António Carlos Marques, Armando Pinho, Fernando Amaral, Francisco Marques, Jorge Abreu, José Carlos Freitas, José Silva, Paulo Pinheiro, Paulo Gonçalves, Álvaro Rodrigues, Tiago Martins, Duarte Drumond, José Magina, Manuel Estevão, Rafael Sousa e Tiago Ferreira