2000 - Machibombo of the Beleleu

Of the day if it made night. The lights had been erased. E we saw ourselves black to arrive at the end of cortejo. The teeth were only seen.
Of the biggest black moments of our history, Machibombo of the Beleleu, counts to the history of men and women who had made an expedition Africa.
The jury did not want to go of cú trembled, and in a racist attitude matumba gave to us to one 8º Place.
We were also that we now launched this year for the estrelato celebérrimo Mongo, Animal, Wally, We apply a plaster there or as they want to it to call.



Tomás Granja, José António Lopes, Paulo Ferreira, Domingos Moreira, João Oliveira, António Costa, Abel Martins, Rui Oliveira, António Silva, José Bruno Ferreira, Ricardo Neves, Manuel Barros, Filipe Brito, Manuel Leite, Carlos Pinho, Noé Oliveira, João Santos, Carlos Valente, Sofia Salgueiro, José Matos, Bruno Oliveira, Carlos Soares, João Tavares, José Macedo, Manuel Silva, Fernando Ribeiro, Pascoal Sá, Paulo Santos, Rui Ferreira, Rui Samuel Oliveira, Susana Ribeiro Teixeira, António Carlos Marques, Armando Pinho, Fernando Amaral, Francisco Marques, Jorge Abreu, José Carlos Freitas, José Silva, Paulo Pinheiro e Paulo Gonçalves