1999 - In top of you never I get tired myself

"the cacetetada" year of! We wanted to homage the good ways of the Policy (it lacked to us belly to it). The thief, this, were massacreed until the o thin intestine! We recouped the money all, but until today still we do not receive ours rewards of the banking entity. It goes you to complain to the Totta!
The jury found that we represented well and fined us with 5º Place before we left that to mer... would (cearia, we deceived you another time) all.


Tomás Granja, José António Lopes, Paulo Ferreira, Domingos Moreira, João Oliveira, António Costa, Abel Martins, Rui Oliveira, António Silva, José Bruno Ferreira, Luís César Silva, Ricardo Neves, Manuel Barros, Filipe Brito, Manuel Leite, Carlos Pinho, Noé Oliveira, João Santos, Carlos Valente, Sofia Salgueiro, José Matos, Bruno Oliveira, Carlos Soares, Daniel Valente, João Tavares, José Macedo, Manuel Silva, Fernando Ribeiro, Pascoal Sá, Paulo Santos, Rui Borges, Rui Ferreira, Rui Samuel Oliveira e Susana Ribeiro