1998 - Quasímodo

Ideia base: Tomás Granja

Therefore it is... in this year was Almost... but the mockup did not leave nothing Imodu! In one of the years that we do not drink in the parade (rays break the mask of corcunda) almost arrived dehydrated at the end, but although everything the objectivo was obtained. We obtain to scare everything and all, until the jury, that in gave to one corcunda 11º to them place.



António Mondim Silva, Manuel Gomes, Tomás Granja, José António Lopes, Carlos Lopes, Paulo Ferreira, Domingos Moreira, António Valente, João Oliveira, Manuel Mondim Silva, António Costa, Abel Martins, Rui Oliveira, António Silva, José Ricardo, Carlos Godinho, José Bruno Ferreira, Luís César Silva, Ricardo Neves, Manuel Barros, Filipe Brito, Manuel Leite, Carlos Pinho, Noé Oliveira, João Santos, Arlindo Fião, António Nunes, Carlos Valente, Sofia Salgueiro, Jorge Laranjo, José Matos e Miguel Martins