1992 - Fiancés

This was the year of the knot! Of the knot in the throat for parading without subsidy.
Thus being we decide to marry, always have benefits in the IRS.
As we invited the jury for the wedding 5º presentearam them with one place.



Artur Coelho, António Mondim Silva, Rui Brás, Jaime Rodrigues, Manuel Gomes, Tomás Granja, Ernesto Branco, José António Lopes, Carlos Lopes, Paulo Ferreira, Rui Pinto, Domingos Moreira, António Valente, João Oliveira, J. Manuel Correia, Albino Almeida, Manuel Mané, Fernando Martins, Paula Paiva, Manuel Mondim Silva, Avelino Marques, Manuel Sona, António Costa, Abel Martins e Cláudia Rebelo