1990 - Policies VERSUS Prisoners

We entered in a great confusion in this year! We were apanhados in the way of one polices and a prisoner, and to help, a dog grasped to the leg....no meanwhile, we more demonstrated to a time our visionary capacities of the future! Anticipating cases of "Fátimas in Felgueiras", we arrest the Speaker of the house! Perhaps therefore, the jury gave to us confused 10º place.


Artur Coelho, Manuel Valente, Francisco Ferreira, António Mondim Silva, Rui Brás, Jaime Rodrigues, Manuel Gomes, Tomás Granja, Ernesto Branco, José António Lopes, Carlos Lopes, Carlos Pinto, Pedro Aleixo, Carlos Gomes, Paulo Pereira, António Pinto, Fausto Correia, Luís Borges, Paulo Ferreira, Rui Pinto, Domingos Moreira, António Valente, Vítor Cardoso, Miguel Mané, João Oliveira, J. Manuel Correia, Susana Ribeiro e João Oliveira.