1988 - Photographers

A tripod, cartridges, gel in the hair, "olhó passarinho" and pimba... we távamos photographers to the way! Tá that the coil if ruined and the photos had left all with fuças well a little intelligent equídeo! The jury did not like if seeing to the mirror and zurrou one 14º place.


Artur Coelho, Morais, Manuel Valente, Francisco Ferreira, Jorge Laranjo, Manuel A. Teixeira, Sandro Pinto, Rui Brás, Jaime Rodrigues, Bernardo Borges, Manuel Gomes, Tomás Granja, Ernesto Branco, Luís Rico, José António Lopes, Paulo Catalão, Carlos Lopes, Xico Arrenta, Ângelo Conde, Carlos Pinto, Carlitos, Zé "Chica", Pedro Aleixo e Xico "Pilhas"