1986 - Carnavalesca Orchestra

Farcical ones in the bugle, ones batidelas in "tachos" and ones gajas "animar"... we had everything to orchestrate! But....há always one "mas"... bad luck of bad luck! Without teacher, we do not obtain to sharpen. The jury started to render crazy and to help to untune one 13º place.


José Carlos Costa, Artur Coelho, Morais, Eduardo Silva, Jorge Laranjo, Manuel Valente, Francisco Ferreira, José Silva, Pedro Santos, Manuel A. Teixeira, Agostinho Teixeira, Sandro Pinto, António Manuel Pinho, Armando Antunes, Rui Brás, Jaime Rodrigues, Bernardo Borges, Manuel Gomes, Manuel Pinho, Paulo Pereira, Pedro Marques, e Tomás Granja