1984 - The Lendário Man of snows

This year we had a difficult task. How to convince the Man snows to enter in cortejo? We ordered the 007 for the North Pole and after 25 hours of intense negotiations we convince it to come close it. But another quandary if in came across them. How to hinder that the assistance did not run away? We put on a mask all of Man of snows and thus nobody gave for the true one. Plus a truth in 1º hand disclosed in this saite daqui.
The jury did not like cold it and froze us with a last place that for signal also was 6º.



Artur Coelho, Amadeu Silva, Morais, José Silva, Manuel Valente, Morais, Artur Correia de Almeida, Aníbal Salgueiro, Francisco Ferreira, Rui Pinto, António Mondim Silva, António Pinto, Pedro Santos, Manuel A. Teixeira e Agostinho Teixeira