1978 - The mirror of the Snow White

Bigger dwarves who the Snow White, to break the routine was what we presented this year. 7 dwarves seen to the mirror were thus ours, as in the popular fair. In this year after laborious cortejo they had tried to contract them for the mines of the Stopper... pardon, Pejão but they had not wanted to pay the clause of rescission of 20.000$ (a richness at the time) that the Pindéricus was to ask for. The jury thought to be to see to fold (and it was) and folded us 10º place, what it wants to say that we must have been in 5º.


Fernando Silva, José Carlos Costa, Pedro Tarujo, José Miguel Coelho, José Eduardo Marques, António Alçada, Artur Coelho, Eduardo Rodrigues, Eduardo Seixas, Nuno Casaca, Amadeu Silva, Francisco Freitas, Manuel Luís e José Luís Barge