1977 - Calhambeques

Still not it had tax automobile, nor IVA, nor combustible to the price of the gold, the fumaradas ones not even poluíam as today, but exactly thus which constructor of the industry automobile, we made a dozen of cars in one instant, armed the legs, that were a used fuel very in the height and for we paraded there, almost duplicating the park automobile of Ovar. Although to go of car we were not beyond one 8º place together with all the groups that had not been classified in the 7 first ones (in this height did not have photo finish).


Fernando Silva, José Carlos Costa, Eduardo Coelho, Henrique Maganinho, Pedro Tarujo, José Miguel Coelho, Vítor Almeida, José Eduardo Marques, António Alçada, Artur Coelho, Eduardo Rodrigues e Eduardo Seixas