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Young! You have one panca jeitosa? You fell to the soil when was bebé? You want to drink well and cheap? Still you do not have a defined sexual trend? You are made use to be guineapig for mere scientific ends? It is made use to be white of tortures several and violentíssimas in the baptismo of the Pindéricus?

CV send already yours for:
Pressed "It is that it is good"
3880 Ovar

For yes for not, they convém to send for net, through this form that we receive in the address, toufodido@pindericus.com.

Fiche of Candidacy


Sex: :Masculine
Profession in the civil life:
Nº Shoe:


You know To weld? Y   N   You know To work with Wood? Y   N
You know To paint? Y   N   You know To work with Sponge? Y   N
You know To absorb? Y   N   You know to serve fines? Y   N
You know to glue? Y   N   You know to play matrecos? Y   N


Capacity of burp
  Holy   Weak   Strong   Eh pig!
  Holy=Never burped; weak <5 seg.; strong + of 5 seg a 1 min; Eh pig!> 1 min.
Daily consumption of beer
  Chromium   Camel   Normal   Sponge
  chromium=Never I drank; Camel <2 l; Normal=de 2 a 5 liters; Esponja> 5 liters  


I want to enter for the Pindéricus because:
  I want to define my sexual orientation
  I left the drug.... I don't remember is where
  Taste to see 3,14 rocas great
  I am satiated of to be impotent

Case is another one the reason elaborates a small composition (3 lines) on the reason of your candidacy to the Pindéricos:


Note: The seleccionados ones will be invited for an interview of profile evaluation passing for rigorosíssimos physical tests and mental, that only stop having a comparison term, the tests of the Riflemen to the foot of ours are tickles. Convém still to go with the empty stomach and bladder, therefore one of the hardest tests costuma to be to drink 1 barrel and ½ of beer without mijar and arrotar! In case that you obtain to pass for all the tests with approval, PARABENS! Already you are almost 1 pindéricu! It only lacks to you to appear in the headquarters every day to work that nor a black color (cost zero as the Karadas, or will be Karradas... or Former Karradelas...) clearly is, or what it is that you thought that we made between two pregos and two beers? Moreover you will have that to pass for the great pindérica fire test..... the baptismo of the Pindéricus! You cried when ages teeny and you were baptizado, you did not cry? This is not nothing... this is here for giving the maximum! Or more...